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Azeem & Associates Insurance Public Adjusters represents you against the insurance company in Broward and Miami-Dade county areas. Whether you are victim of flood damage, fire damage, mold, burst pipes, wind or storm damage or even vandalism, we have you covered.

Anthony Azeem

Lic # A305728

Owner / Public Adjuster


Water Damages

Water damages can be caused by roof leaks, broken pipes, dish washer and water supply lines under the flooring of your home. A steady drip of water can travel under the floor tiles and wooden floors damaging adjacent rooms if undetected. The first signs of a small water leak are brown stains on the baseboards and drywalls.

The next step in resolving this issue is to contact Azeem and Associates, LLC. Our licensed public adjusters are trained to handle these situations in an orderly matter. We can recommend a Water remediation company that will work with you in removing the moisture in the home. If the moisture was not removed it can lead to Mold Growth, which in turn can cause health issues for your family. We can also recommend a Licensed Plumbing to complete the repairs to the source of the water leaks and provide a written proposal on your behalf. Remember, under your insurance policy you are responsible to mitigate the damages to your home. Azeem and Associates, LLC will handle all aspects of the claim with your insurance carriers until this matter is resolved. We will document the damages and filed the appropriate paperwork with your carrier. Remember to save all repaired parts for inspection by the insurance company because they will ask for the item.


BROWARD: 954-880-0355 & DADE: 305-949-6014

Call us now at 954-880-0355!